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In business there are many ways to achieve your goals. ROI Hunters can assist you achieve your business goals by using search engines, electronic newsletters, internet advertising, and e-business or e-commerce and draw people to your site to generating revenue. If you don't think these tools can help you with your business then there is a strong likelihood that you do not need ROI Hunters to help you with your business.

Some important things to remember:

  • There are 7 new people on the Internet every second.
  • Every 4th person online is buying something right now.
  • One billion dollars in e-commerce transactions will be conducted this month.
  • Over one trillion dollars in e-commerce business will be generated this year.
  • 1 out of 8 dollars spent by consumers is spent on online transactions.
    (Source:, December 2003)

Our ideal client is a company with the following:

  • inability to out spend their competitors in traditional marketing activities
  • a need to have their web pages ranked on the first page of search engine results
  • a need to improve their advertising effectiveness by using pay-per-click advertising
  • products or services that can be sold nationally
  • desire to retain clients by keeping them informed and motivated to stay with your company
  • a need to augment the yellow pages because clients and prospects are using the web more each day to find solutions, locally and nationally
  • a desire to reach more prospects using internet ads on other web sites.

We created ROI Hunters because many companies believed that if they built a web site the visitors will come and the money will flow, only to become disillusioned.

We will listen to your story, dreams, plans, and goals. We will explain how ROI Hunters can improve your key business measurements by using our services. If you don't have a web site or your web site was not designed correctly, our web develop team can help with that. If you don't know how to measure this part of your business our e-business consulting services can help you as well.


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