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Probably the most misunderstood and cloaked in myth and misconception is the concept of "Natural Search Engine Results" (NSER). Most of our clients find out early in their attempts to get noticed on the web that putting up a web site with all the phrases they think are important for your potential clients does not mean you will end up near the top of the search engines results. Search Engine Optimization becomes the key to improving your ranksings. If you are not on the first page of search engine results, the likelihood of getting the traffic you need is slim, to none. Try and remember the last time you went past the first page of results when you were trying to find something with a search engine.

Many companies will become disillusioned with the entire concept because they don't understand how pages are found, analyzed and cataloged to support the search engine industry. Search engine optimiation is a critical aspect of reaching your goals. Web site design is a major factor in determining success. Well written marketing copy is a major factor in determining success. Since many companies start with a poor ability to market themselves, this problem is only amplified when they try and build a web site. Many companies out there will try and take advantage of you when they learn what you have tried, trying to make the entire process seem unattainable to a average mortal.

First let's try and dispel some of those myths you are hearing from companies that want you to pay them lots of money to help you with your problems:

Natural Search Engine Result Myths

  • You must hire someone or a company to get your pages rank in the first 10 potions on a search engine - this is false, if there are people out there doing it, then you can do it also! Search engine optimizaion is not some black box tecknique that only a select few can master.
  • It is very expensive to have all your pages submitted - no we work with our clients to send all the needed pages to the major search engines for no or little cost. We try and automate this as much as possible so we can work on the important tasks of improving your visibility on the web.

Reasons to use ROI Hunters:

  • Things Change Often - although we did state you can do this work yourself, we do it for many clients and pick up on the industry changes faster then a person doing this work part time in your office
  • Outside In Approach - our team is not caught in your stress cycle of day to day business so we can look at your desire and match it to plans so you get things done quicker.
  • Fresh Ideas - our teams read, read, and read some more. We are constantly trying out different ideas on our clients. When we find a successful approach, we share it with all so that everyone benefits from the lessons learned.
  • Search Engine Diversity - not all search engines are alike. We consider all the variables when designing pages. We try to create pages that will do well on the major (Google, AOL, MSN and Yahoo) search engines.



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